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Parking lamp & interior lights not working


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January 14, 2005
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Macomb Township Michigan
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1996 XLT AWD
I just noticed the problem.
I was playing around to see what was wrong.
When turning the headlight lights on I get no parking lamps or instrument panel lighting up only the headlights.
With no lights on the OD light works, but when I turn the lights on the the OD light goes off.
I checked a few fuses and they were OK, need to the the interior one next.

I am guessing its the headlight switch.
Any other suggestions?
I will be searching on here for more help in the mean time.

I would also check the relays under the hood, unless you have already...

Thanks for the info, checjked a few more fuses, decided to get a new headlight switch, problem solved.
Its a pain to get to, also recommend pulling the plug from the old one and installing it on to the new one to check before hasseling with remmoing the inst. panel.