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Parking Lights on High (Blinker Bright)

We all (most) know how to do the alternating marker/turn signal mod.
The way described above is simple & easy.
There is another turn signal mod. This one makes your turn signal bulbs stay on the turn signal brightness and blink when you put the turn signals on. It appears that the lights come on with the ignition but since I havent tried it yet I'm not sure. DRL possibilities?
I also dont know what happens when the headlights are on.
I found this on SUV Lights site.


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April 4, 2011
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Did you ever figure this out? I want brighter parking and turn signal lights so they can match the brightness of the leds in my grille. This sounds like the perfect solution. I always wondered if you could leave the turn signals on high and have them dim when they blink.