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Part help - 2013 explorer sport


June 27, 2015
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Loomis, California
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It appears that I continue to be a failure trying to determine part numbers for various misc/minor parts. Currently looking for 2 parts from the rear. First part is a retaining clip that secures the trim piece that is removed when removing the spare tire. I've attached 4 pics including one from the parts manual - the part I need seems to be shown as part "5" from the diagram and by that I mean that the diagram seems to show it but the part supplied if your order it is a bizarre wire clip. The other part should be even easier, its the left rear trim cover over the rear seat belt upper anchor. Can't even locate the part on any diagram. Any clues for actual part numbers would be awesome.







Could this be what you are looking for? Interior Trim - Rear Body for 2013 Ford Explorer | Auto Nation Ford White Bear Lake
Upper Center Pillar Trim Retainer Clip

Sill Plate Clip

I haven't really looked at my 2017 but on my 2011 Explorer, that trim piece just snapped into play. There were no fasteners.

As for the missing piece of the seat belt, I haven't found that yet. The assembly doesn't break it down. 2011-2015 Ford Seat Belt Assembly BB5Z-78611B69-AB | Auto Nation Ford White Bear Lake
Could it be part of the whole assembly? Seat Belt Assy | FordUS

EDIT: Just had a look at mine and the sill trim piece is like yours. The seat belt picture you posted is exactly the same as mine. Nothing appears to be missing.


Hi - as far as the:

Upper Center Pillar Trim Retainer Clip

Sill Plate Clip

The parts diagram showing part #5 actually shows the correct shape of the part however, the part that comes is incorrect and some sort of spring retainer. I'm convinced there is a issue with the parts book.

As far the other plastic trim piece that also holds the rear speaker, I simply can't find in any parts diagram.


I was finally able to find the part number for the plastic left rear trim piece. The diagram of it in the parts book is very marginal and there are at least 4 variations of the part - 2 x color and with and without the 12 speaker system. Black with speaker is EB5Z7831011BB - $200+ list price. And as far as the clip, dealers I've visited agree the parts "books" has an error and the dealers have no way to order the correct part - I've been directed to a pick and pull which is pretty unfortunate but I will be checking it out