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parts for 2001 sport trac


September 24, 2013
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2001 ford explorer
Need parts , for sport trac 2001. Just bought it, Where to buy used or new parts? for now need to get 4x4 going, need transfer case motor!

Also How would I add a picture to this message?
Do like this place you all do know a lot and very helpful

Thanks Dave

How have you arrived at the transfer case being bad? These are famous for corrosion/oxidation on the 4x4 module connections behind the right kick panel. Disconnect/reconnect it a few times and see if you get any action. Check the connector at the motor also.

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I like Always compare pricing to shipping) . Rockautos part numbers/fitment guide are usually accurate. Amazon's vehicle fitment can be a little squirrely. Important- since you have an 01, find out your build date for ordering parts. There was a job1 and a job 2 build. Oil fill cap is on drivers side for the 01 job1 build. June 2000 was the last st's built categorized as job1. Build date is on Drivers door sticker and/or driver's side body panel under hood.