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Parts from FE3 to FE2, Floor carpet ( flooring?)


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March 2, 2019
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Hi ,everyone. Now, i'm a happy owner of FE2. The car was bought in Siberia (Russia), and here i got a huge problem with lack of parts. The place where i live is kinda close to east part of Russia ,so Japanese cars like : Pajero , Patrol , Cruiser are more popular.
Only 6 Explorers for 670000 people in my town:)

1) Soo, what parts fit from FE3 to FE2. is it possible to place floor carpet ( flooring ?? idk , how to call it right) from 3rd to 2nd generation. We have few crashed 3rd Explorers in our town with interior in a good condition.They seem to be similar in dimensions.
2) Bought 2 seats from Eddie Bauer Explorer , but the leather is scratched. any seat covers that fit explorer well?

P.S Sorry for Eng, not my native lang.

Floor carpet or flooring is fine.

By FE2 and FE3, do you mean the 2nd and 3rd generations?

I think it'd be a real ***** and a half to swap the carpet from a newer generation to an older one—the 3rd generation is longer and wider. Is it possible to get a roll of automotive-like carpet and cut it to size?

Thanks for info.fe2 and fe3 are 2nd and 3rd gen. Yeah ,i guess it is possible.I will try to find carpet and cut it in size .Maybe smth else that fits?

Carpet from Ford explorer sport Trac will fit the front too