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Parts needed in the PA area for a 4.0L E-4WD 1994.


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January 29, 2021
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2021 explorer XLT
My dad is in his mid 70s and has owned Aerostarts since 1985. He has a 94 AWD he has stashed in the barn for probably 14 years that he was going to put a 5.0 in. He has since scrapped the idea of the 5.0 and will stick with the 4.0. Problem is he threw away some parts and before he purchases everything i figured i would see what help if any i can get form the people of this forum.

4.0 Engine parts needed -
Rockers, i have 6 that are shot and looking into china parts to correct but used OEM would be prefered
Push rods, i have 6 that stopped rotating and thats what killed the rockers.
Upper intake manifold complete, pretty sure he lost the IAC,MAF, and hardware
Possibly trans bellhousing bolts and flywheel bolts

Van parts

I think he lost the upper control arms
The long bolts that hold the subframe to the front frame.

He is in Zionsville PA 18092 and if you have parts and can help please let me know.

Josh P

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February 18, 2015
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1991 aerostar
I scrapped the engine out of my 94 awd aerostar cause it blew a head gasket and was overheated for an extended period of time. A 5.0 was my first thought but it won't fit the engine bay with the front axle. I've been toying with the idea of a small diesel engine like a kubota V2203. Simple, mechanical and can be bolted up to the transmission in the van. Turbo manifolds, etc.
The rockers and pushrods should be bought new, they wear together. If you are missing suspension parts, I'd look at getting a complete subframe dropout. The long bolts are the same as the rwd, there is a member that is parting his 4.0 van out, I'm sure he will see this post and respond.