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Passenger compartment fuse panel


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September 28, 2010
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'04 XLT
Hello all....

I am hoping you can help me with an problem I have on my 2004 Ex XLT.

My Rear Defrost, Heated Mirrors, Rear wiper and rear washer fluid is not working.

I checked the fuse panel in the engine bay but they all seem good, I tried to look at the Passenger compartment fuse panel (Fuse 7 and 15) bu they look good as well.

However in reading the manual i see there is a Relay 2 on t he reverse side of the Passenger compartment fuse panel, does any know how to get to this side to check the Relay?

There's a screw in the center of the block holding it in place. Though the wiring itself will add stiffness.