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Passenger door issue.


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June 15, 2011
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Kennesaw ga
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1994 limited
When I bought my 94 explorer It had a red door that wasn't connected. So I tore the door down and looked for the wiring harness in the passenger door. Turns out someone cut it out. Looks like it directly at the electric window motor and door lock. The track that the window should follow is also missing.

So here's my question, is it worth it for me to replace all the parts(having issues finding a wiring harness for the door online) or should I just search for a new door at the junk yard?

I'd say new door, maybe find one that matches, you are going to have a very tough time finding that wiring as a standalone item.

Or... It's really not that much wiring anyway, you could rewire it yourself... replace factory connectors with spade connectors or something... just how handy/rich you are.

I could re-wire it I guess, but I still need to find the window parts that are missing as well. Guess it's gonna come down to what's cheap and available.

you could check out parts yard and you pull yards there are alot of explorers rangers and broncos in them you could find a unmolested harness if you get lucky otherwise i agree with /\ a door it yourself job would be easy as long as you do it correctly.