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Passenger Door Lock


February 19, 2010
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'99 XLT
EDIT: this is solved

Hey sorry new to the thread and new explorer Owner :thumbsup:
Recently.. well just yesterday I picked up my first car from a dealer.
'99 Ford Explorer.
It was running great and everything worked except the rear wiper doesn't work.
It didnt bother me to much.
But now this morning the passenger door wont lock from anything( i.e Power lock on keys, door buttons and even the mechanical lock on the door, or the key on the door.)
The dealer wont look at it saying I signed something blah blah blah....
so I was hoping someone could either tell me or direct me to a thread on how to take off the door panel and how to troubleshoot the locking mechanism. :D
I really love the rig just want it to lock up at night :(

To mods: sorry if this is posted in the wrong area.
Welcome to move it

Edit: added pics
Actual Door panel

The actual mechanism stays like that wont budge

Driver door unlocked and locked


Hope those help

OK so I got it to workish
I got the door panel off wo/ damage using a tut at bodyshopzone
idk if im allowed to link but if a mod would verify I can I would
Looking at the lock assembly I saw this

The rod to that attaches to the door lock was out of place.
In my own words sorry if I sound like a newbee :p:
I tried to push that back to the lock and it click I went to see if the door was locked and presto it locked.
It took awhile but I clipped that rod back to the plastic clip on the door key lock
and it works. well it locks fine but unlocking it from the remote is a bit squirrely
but it does unlock after 2-3 pushes on the button.
Popped the door panel back and on it works.