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Passenger Door Window


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March 26, 2001
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Satrurday, my wife and I were driving to Tucson to the Mineral and Gem Show when all of a sudden we heard a loud noise and the passenger door window shattered. No cars around us and I don't believe that anything hit the window. It just spontaneously shattered and literally disappeared. We were going 75 mph and this scared the s%$t out of us. Fortunately she was not hit by any of the glass because it blew out onto I-10, dropped into the door, and blew into the back seat. In my 40 years of driving I've never had this happen to me nor even heard of this happening to someone else. Just for the hell of it I'm going to file a report with the NHTSA. It's covered by my insurance so I'm not going to bother telling Ford. Scary stuff!

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I would think someone shot it out with a BB gun or something....I have never heard of windows breaking like that while driving, I have seen them explode in hot temperatures in a parking lot though...

wierd indeed......

My mother had a window spontaneously shatter on her in our 93 saturn, just went to pieces on the freeway. The car was 2 years old, it was a hot day, and noone knows what happened. The dealer was only one exit away so she went there to have the glass vacuumed off of her and new glass put in. They made it a warranty repair.

That's definitely weird, the thing to remember with tempered glass is that you can hit it pretty hard and it won't crack, but just tap the corner and it explodes, so it could be possible something got down in your door and hit that corner just right