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Passenger door won`t always lock or unlock


June 28, 2018
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2005 Ford Explorer XLS
I have a 98 explorer, and the passenger side door won`t always lock or unlock. It will always unlock when I open it from the inside. But neither the key, door button, or key fab will lock or unlock every time. I replaced the lock actuator thinking that was the problem, but it`s still happening. I noticed that the rod for the actuator goes "through" the door latch. The actuator is pushing the but door latch doesn`t seem to be giving as much as it should be. So I`m thinking that`s the problem, but I wanted to confer with others before I threw another part at it. On a side note the door handle for it is floppy but opens the door when it`s unlocked.

Update: It`s definitely the door latch; the mechanism is worn out.