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Passenger Side Mirror Replacement...

Faster Life

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April 16, 2010
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99' EB SOHC 4.0
Living in the city can be pain as a driver. Lots of close-quarter maneuvers. I've smacked mirrors more then a few times, but this time the glass broke. I know this is a simple DIY, but I'm wondering if someone has a quick link to a replacement mirror that is CHEAP!!! Fortunately, my mirrors aren't painted, so this will keep costs down as well.

The mirror is off an EB, so I need to find one that's powered and has the little light that's on the bottom of the mirror. I stopped by a junk yard and was told I need to have this style mirror because with other mirrors, the plug doesn't fit.

Anyways, if you would post a few links or have this mirror to sell, please let me know!


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Wrecking yard will be the cheapest. I just bought one a couple days ago as a spare for $15. I tend to break them leaning against hills.

Yeah, it true. Or maybe somebody has one on the forum. I found one on ebay for $30 with shipping, and I guess that's not terrible...

In most states you only need 2 out of 3 rear view mirrors to pass inspection ;) :P

I remember when some cars didn't have a passenger mirror put on when they were built.

junk yard

The local yard around here wanted $99 for a power mirror for mine when a deer ripped mine off. I searched on Google Shopping and found one for about $30 with shipping.

New mirrors are cheap- check sites like A1 or rock auto, most are around $40 shipped to you.

Picked up one off ebay for $30. It even includes the puddle light. A side note for Joe Dirt: I can't remember if I said this before, but my stereo sounds freaking awesome!! :)