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passenger side mirror vibrate on high speed


June 4, 2019
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Tel Aviv
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Explorer XLT 2013
Hey guys,
on my 2013 XLT Explorer, when I am driving above 100 kmh (60 mph) the right hand mirror is shaking.
I touched it while parking and it has some freedom while the driver side mirror is very fixed.

Does anyone knows if and how I can remove the glass mirror part and see if something is broken / loose on the plate?
Is there possible to remove the glass and put it back in?

The mirror is not power fold (I think it is on Limited only, no?), and has heating.


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*I could be wrong* but the following video makes it look like it just pops out, plus disconnecting the heater wires. See this video (and search youtube for others if it is not enough):


If it an issue with the entire mirror being loose, I don't think you have to remove the glass. I think the mirror's bolts are behind that sort of triangular interior piece.
Broken Outside Mirror


So I pulled out the glass mirror, very easy, but need to be gentle.
moving the mirror up to the top by the motor buttons, and looking with flashlight to see the clips, releasing 1 by 1.
I have 2 broken clips, trying to glue them with epoxy liquid glue.
you can see in the photos the glue around the clips.

I will give it few hours and see if that holds, will post here.