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Passenger side rear window


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April 15, 2012
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Hanover PA
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01 Explorer Sport trac
All of a sudden the Passenger side rear window stopped working

The control on the door an the driver control do nothing

Any ideas?

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Mine was like that when I bought it. Just had the dealer fix it though, I wish I knew what exactly they did so I could tell you

Check the fuse.If thats not it maybe there is a loose wire to the motor or could even be a seized motor. Check fuses first though because theyre a super cheap fix and if that's not the problem then you're only out 5 minutes.

fuse or motor thats my bet but as far as i remember there are not and individual location fuses for the windows. so you might be a motor replacement

well its odd it is working again

got in it this morning did not due anything but went to put it down due to habit an it worked

My passenger side rear window has a habit of getting outside the track (on the rear side) when rolled down all the way. In order to get he window functioning again I have to push on the outside when rolling up to ensure it gets back in the track. I'm unsure if it has anything to do with your window but I find that mine does it more when it's hot outside. So maybe trying in the cool of the morning resolves the issue - then perhaps it's a heat / expansion issue? My 2 cents.

My 03 did the exact same thing. It also started working again with no "interference" from me. I believe that it may have been the humidity build up in my garage in the winter. It has only happened twice, both times in the winter after/during a snow storm. You may want to check the wiring connections and motor connections. Liquid Electrical tape on the connections is a great fix.