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Passenger Window Wind Noise


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December 26, 2011
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Wheaton. Illinois
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I have a wind noise on the passenger front window. Does any one know how to remove the outside trim ? This seams to be the problem when I hit the rear trim the noise goes away for a little while.

Years ago, a body man showed me how to align the top portion of a door with the body. Place a dollar bill between the door and the "A" column, close the door, and check and see if it will slip out with little or no resistance. If not, continue around the door until you find where this happens. Once you have determined the area, lower the glass (don't forget that part) and, with the door open, place your knee on the panel just below the glass area and pull the top of the door toward you. It doesn't take much. Recheck with the dollar bill until you determine that it has been corrected. Raise the window and go for a test drive. By the way, you can use a five, ten, or twenty with the same results!