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Path To Perfection-My Explorer Journey

Let me start off by saying every one has there view of there own version of there perfect vehicle. My style may differ from some, but its MY style. When we modify vehicles we are showing who we are. You just have to know how to see it to understand.


With that said my story starts in late October/early november of 2016, when i picked up my 1999 ford explorer

I quickly found out the vehicle has a metric **** ton of issues....
power steering system needs work.
stereo needs work as it didn't.
Needs tierods inner and outer.
Needs tires...
needs tuneup...badly
Needs an oil change.
needs a tail light housing.
needs tail light pigtail
needs wiper motor front and rear
wiper washer system needs checked/fixed
fog lights do not work.
gauge cluster its all ****ed up and all the gauges jump around.
abs system needs work.
temp control does not work stuck on a/c.
As well as a few other odds ands ends that comes along with never doing f*****g maintenance on your vehicle..... Any way aside from all the issues i love the truck. Ive always had car's, Lowered cars at that its different being in something with so much clearance. I still to this day find my self avoiding speed-bumps. either way you look at it it was time to get to work fixing everything. When broke is tough to do.

second day of owning the truck and first and foremost step was changing all the fluids.
step one...oil change black and chunky.....FML...time for bg flush and another flush..
long and the short of it three cans of bg, half a tank of gas and four oil changes later no more chunks and clean oil!
next coolent, diff fluid trans fluid ect ect
changed everything but trans fluid mainly because trans fluid looked healthy

fast forward to december


on my way home a deer jumped in front of me at 60mph. no structural damage except the header panel grill sway bar end link and lights. apparently I drive a brick s**t house....I was beyond pissed to say the least.

also around this point noticed she leaks power steering fluid like crazy. After some investigation realized the power steering line is faulty and the line has come out of the nut on the rack.

while fixing the sway bar end link I decided to through leaf spring shackle kit to fix the sag in the ass end. Im glad i did the old shackles were about dead the driver side was almost rotted through though I had to cut the passenger side off and rig a bushing because the old bushing casing would not come out of the leaf.
I plan on adding a leaf so i figured it would hold me over till then when i can get the leaf off the truck and put a new bushing in.

I picked up a set of oem tail lights off a flebay auction for twenty bucks and traded some computer work for an 8" sub and 480 watt amp to replace the factory one.
So I fixed the tail light harness and replaced both tail lights one passenger side was chipped, driver side had a big hole and a leaking patch kit. dont have pictures from when I was changing the tail lights but here isthe factory sub enclosure with the new sub.

Sub mount was deeper that the original so I had to make a ring. then painted it black and installed it into the truck

threw the amp under the seat for a dirty install for now until I figure out a better mounting location. also plan on making a trim spacer to fit the original trim piece back on.

Update 2-23-17
So a little work was done on my days off nothing major

pin stripes are gone
also going to try and fix the rear wheel cover there is some damage there look at the driver side rear.

That crease though......

Also getting deplorable fuel economy now...that tune up needs to be done asap...

so far that's all I have had the money/time to do so far I have the power steering line fuel filter and spark plugs still need to get spark plug wires and air filter. however when you live off of 30 dollars for two weeks things can be tricky plus its been balls cold here so i haven't been able to do anything.

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Oh I forgot I got heat by resetting the auto temp control unit!

Nice looking EX. I want to find a sub box like you got for mine. How does the sub sound?

Hey thanks man she's dirty as hell right now lol thus no newer pictures yet. It sounds decent enough the sub and amp combo I have is absolute garbage but it works and I got it for free + some wire from homedepot and I have some bass. It's a single Walmart 8 so not expecting much I'd like to put a dd lv2 8" in it and convert it to ported but there f*****g expensive! Also put the head unit I had in my Integra in the ex aswell so door speakers sound slightly better than stock radio though the speakers max out at 35 eventually I'll put better speakers and an amp running the door speakers as well... I like my music loud lol I'll post pictures when I get inside I'm working on it now replacing the headlight from when I hit the deer. The mounting clips for the adjuster were broken off the light pics when I'm done will be posted in OP

Well why did you run into the deer? LOL Just kidding. I also like my music load. Love the system in my Sonata that I drive every day to and from work. I do not want to spend that much money to have the sound that my Sonata does but I want it to have some bass in it and good sound. So not I will be on the hunt for a Sub box like yours and getting things going on mine. Look forward to seeing your pics when you get them up.

Nice, I really like your 99 , mine is a 95. What you got under the hood? Looks to be a sohc, cause there ain't no v8 badge

completely forgot about posting that thank you. its the 4.0 sohc it will be updated in the OP