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PATS - Initiate a NEW Master Key


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December 21, 2014
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Warrenton, VA
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2000 Explorer XLS
I have done some reading in the forums on PATS as my Explorer only came with one key. It seems I need two in order to program - or go to Ford (or a Locksmith with a programmer) to have the second one made.

Google led me to an interesting article on wiping the stored PATS keys in the computer and setting a new key as the master, then adding a second key in WITHOUT going to the dealership...

Under "On-Board Programming Method "B"" within the above link leads one to believe it can be done.

Has anyone tried this?

For 1998 and newer you still need two keys. Or dealer equipment.

On-Board Programming Method "B"
for Ford keys (1996 -early 1998 Ford, Lincoln, Mercury)

for Ford keys (Later 1998-newer Ford, Lincoln, Mercury)
If you want to initiate a new master key....
1. This requires that the vehicle be connected to special dealer equipment.

Since my wife lost the second key, and I had to pay the dealer, I am having now 3 keys, just in case.


(on my part) - Reading is fundamental! I completely missed that part.

Damn... now I have to go to the dealership for this.