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PATS issues Again.... Who knows about it..


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October 3, 2008
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01 xlt
01 explorer xlt stock 4.0l sohc.
ON cold days , Below 30 , my EXP will not start, the anti theft light flashes . I have put a hair dryer under the pass, dash side to warm up the area were the PATS module is , and after about 10/ 15 minutes, Starts right up.. Have had it to the dealer 7x for this problem, and there reply was we cant get any codes. So are they that simple if the computer cant tell them what it is they cant fix it?
Anyway after LONGGGG searching ,I found out how to test the PATS, ( 28 pages worth). replaced the pats device, and again no start when cold..
Is ANYONE knowledgeable with this Crap from ford. The PATS.
Oh and there is no bypass either...

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have a separate computer to swap in there?

That's the area of the PCM..ECM whatever.. main computer.

That's a mighty strange issue you have there.

......So are they that simple if the computer cant tell them what it is they cant fix it?......
No comment....:D

Try looking at the key antenna located at the switch. It and the wires are
relatively delicate and my thoughts are that a wire is loose or broken and
loses contact when cold.

The PATS module checks to see if the chip in your ignition key matches one of the key chip codes in the PATS module itself and the PCM. I would disconnect the PCM and spray the contacts with electronic contact cleaner.

If you have two keys have you tried the other key? Arne.

pats issue.....

yes, I have tried both keys.