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Paul's 2011 Ranger FX4


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August 18, 1999
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Grit City, Washington
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'94 “Sport”
Two years ago (to the day!) I picked up a lightly used 2011 Ranger FX4. With only 65,000 on the odometer, it came with the manual transmission (M50d-R1HD), and as part of the FX4 package was equipped with the Limited Slip rear differential and 4.10 gears, Rancho 5000 shocks, skid plates for front end, transfer case, and fuel tank, plus tow hooks. An OEM tonneau cover was also on the bed.

The previous owner upgraded air intake with a K&N kit, and to propel exhaust went with a Magnaflow cat-back system. It was equipped with Yokohama snow tires, down-sized to 245 instead of the 255 OEM standard.

Here's a picture from two years ago - - note the forward rake:
Ranger .JPG

I didn't do much to rig for the first year or so - - it wasn't a daily driver, but I did need it for days when I would have driven the '91 Sport (totaled in March of 2017).

Other than routine maintenance, the first real upgrade was to level out the front end and replace the shocks. Thanks to Kevin (DiffWhackDaddy), went up the road to his shop right after Christmas 2019 and installed new torsion keys and a fresh set of Rancho 5000s.

Here's a pic from today, still wearing the smallish Yokohama snow tires:
Driver Side (FEB 20).jpg

Having the "itch" for a 4x4 project, decided to upgrade the lighting system on the Ranger. Okay, so here's the "slippery slope" . . . I've got no grand plans for this rig (anyone here on this site ever say that ? ? ?), just some trail friendly modifications for overlanding, maybe a trip to Moab for the easy runs, etc. I'm still contemplating swapping the good stuff off the '91 Sport to another Explorer Sport in the future, so no intent on a serious build.

Always like the look of flush-mounted bumper lights, so that was the first item:
Rear Bumper (FEB 20).jpg

Also made a cut-out and mounted the four-pin trailer wiring plug into the bumper, was never a fan of leaving the plug dangling.

Played around with a few options for the front - - ultimately decided on a curved 24" light bar, mounted to the front bumper, think the curve of the light matched the radius of the bumper quite well. Also visible is the metal grill inserts I installed last year:
Front Grill - LED (FEB 20).jpg

Overhead look at the curve of LED and bumper:
Curved LED (FEB 20).jpg

More to follow, thanks Rick for hosting this awesome website, and

Happy Trails,

'11 Ranger FX4
'91 Sport

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Although I don't have significant upgrades planned for the Ranger, I'm sure I'll add more convenience features (heated seats, navigation, cameras, CB, etc.) in the years to come. Having added many electronics to the '91 Sport over the decades of ownership, wanted to set up a good foundation for future upgrades.

Here's my solution for various wires, in-line fuses, and multiple leads to the battery, or other power connections:
Bus Bar (FEB 20).jpg

Was able to mount the fuse box/bus bar behind the passenger headlight, due to the K&N filter upgrade made by the previous owner. Power to battery via the red 6 gauge wire.

Relays located nearby, behind coolant/washer reservoir:
Switches (FEB 20).jpg

I'm a wire loom enthusiast, so here's the switch and relay wiring against the firewall:
Wire Loom (FEB 20).jpg

Is 1" wire loom too big for a few wires to the driver's compartment and rear bumper ? ? You bet. . . but it leaves plenty of room for more wiring with future upgrades.

Here's the wiring for the rear back-up lights:
Rear Light Wire Loom (FEB 20).jpg

Like I said, "wire loom enthusiast". . . Ground for the two rear lights at right.

Interior switches. I struggled with where to place the switches for the lights in the cabin. I cut up the interior on the '91 Sport (door switch panel, knee panel), and later regretted it as I consolidated the switches overhead, so wanted to place them in an accessible location without permanent alteration. Knowing I'll add upgrades with switches in the future, went "simple" as I'll probably be re-doing it again soon.

Here's the "do no harm" switch plate:
Switch Plate (FEB 20).jpg

Happy Trails,

'11 Ranger FX4
'91 Sport

Proof of Light. . .

Front LED is AutoSaver88 24" LED triple row curved Flood-Spot combo beam, 270W:
Front LED 'On' (FEB 20).jpg

Rears are OffRoadTown 5" flush mounts, 78W:
Rear Bumper LED 'On' (FEB 20).jpg

'11 Ranger FX4
'91 Sport

love it!

Went looking for snow around Mount Rainier - - but the recent slides and tree falls closed a lot of the roads in the area so couldn't climb to enough elevation for some winter pics.

But any photo out in nature is a better picture in the driveway/garage so here you go:
Front LED - Fogs 'On' (FEB 20).jpg

Rear Driver LED 'On' (FEB 20).jpg


"Lightly used . . . "

So as stated, the Ranger was "lightly used" when I picked it up, but it was used. . . Bed was scuffed and scratched, with a few dings here and there (it is a truck, after all).

I get a decent amount of sh|t from the NW guys for some of my "cosmetics" on my rigs, but I like to personalize my vehicles a bit. Case in point, like the idea of the 2019-up Ranger tailgate "inserts" and wanted to incorporate them into my Ranger.

Here's my take:
Ranger Bed.2 (FEB 20).jpg

Use the truck for yardwork hauling, home construction projects, and hauling the wooden dinghy back up to our old boat, so wanted to spruce it up. When I installed the letters, I knew that would not be the final product, so patched up the divots and turned it over to the guys at Line-X.

The results:
Ranger Bed Line-X.1 (FEB 20).jpg

Money shot:
Ranger Bed Line-X  Pass. (FEB 20).jpg

Happy Trails, and new shoes on the way. . .

'11 Ranger FX4
'91 Sport

that is friggin cool man! well done

Nice truck. I like the grill inserts. Did you make those?

Everytime I look at my 07 with the same grill it looks like something's missing.

Nice to know another Washingtonian on the forums.

Grill inserts were purchased on Amazon, from a company called Ferrous Industries, currently unavailable. . .

They had pretty flimsy clips that actually positioned the inserts on the outer edge of the grill, I opted to adhere them to the back edge of the gill for the recessed look.

Other options if this item is not restocked includes "expanded" metal products from Home Depot, or even plastic gutter guard (which I used on my Sport).


Thank you for the quick reply.

So annoying... every search comes up with F150 parts even when searching with quotes...

I have looked quite a few times at grill inserts but I've never found the honeycomb in the 6window grill for all openings. Yours is the only one I've seen so far. If it was still available it would already be on it's way. Lol

I found a black powder coated set but it cost as much as a new grill. I think I'll end up getting a sheet of the honeycomb and make my own. Sheet cost between $25-50. Insert kits are $150+.

What I really want is the 03 power dome hood and the honeycomb grill.... if I dont end up with glass fenders and hood...

Hooray a project! Want me to package up your grill and send it to you?
You might need fiberglass fenders......

Lol. I know Im Mr. Dicisive but I'm gonna wait n see. As you know...I'm trying to fight the urge to spend money while we prepare for the next phase. Otherwise a steel front bumper would be on its way...and then a winch...its a slippery slope.

That black truck with the TTB and 6feet of air beneath it looked pretty good with glass. After watching tons of vids, and lots of pics, the glass is kinda growing on me. But so are the bushwacker style fender flares.

FCII!!!! Awesome tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice wheels

What can I say ? ? ? I wanted to shout "USA!", "USA!", "USA!" as I go down the road. . . . Got a good deal on tires and rims from 4WD Parts.

And another teaser pic. . . :
Seats (MAR 20).jpg

. . . and as much as I'd like to go full Subaru "Brat", with the Ranger, these were harvested out of the '91 Sport for swap into the Ranger.

$5 in tokens with a pressure washer at the car wash got off most of the mold after sitting in the Sport outside for three years. Will take some base plate swapping and maybe some fabrication, but these are too nice (lumbar [note the hand pump] and heat). Will lose the side curtain airbags by taking out the OEM seats, but unfortunately know that these are pretty good to crash in. . .


nice seats!!! holy wow. Does the heat still work after being outside or are you adding it?

4wp was having quite a sale yesterday 10% off for every $100 you spend........

Seats weren't "outside" outside, but the Sport has been sitting outside and has a few weatherstrip leaks, so the interior was kind of like a petri dish / science experiment. . . Seats were already wired for heat, don't think the pressure washing killed that feature.

So 4W Parts . . . Love 'em, Hate 'em . . . Both.

Ordered a set of sub-$95.00 each rims in 16"x8" and had them mount the FCIIs. Just back from out-of-town for work - - go pick them up without a thorough inspection and this is what I notice when I get them back to the garage:
Rim Repair.1 (MAR 20).jpg

Now I know the "bolts" are just a design feature - - not trying to fake the bead lock crowd, but kind of peeved they didn't own up to the blemish. Having already brought them home, didn't feel like arguing with the shop . . . so decided to fix myself. Besides, even though the finish was flat black, these rims looked like they were baked for a few years in the sun.

So sacrificed a similar configured bolt:
Rim Repair Nut (MAR 20).jpg

And shot all four with a more favorable shade of black:
Rim Repair.2 (MAR 20).jpg

Grade markings still visible, but acceptable. . .


I just saw this thread for the first time. Nice rig Paul:chug:

who the heck? So some a hole at 4wp knocked that pho bolt off at work and didn't say anything?????

That sucks
I would at least call them and show the pics
You will probably get a coupon out of it
At least somebody will get chewed out

I have "faux bolts" in the rims on my 97 F350, they actually unscrew because they actually had the plastic beauty rings/ I replaced all of them with stainless hardware, so before I go get tires mounted I remove all of them.....there are like 80 friggin bolts

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Thanks Rick! Taking the Ranger to Moab in May to run the easy stuff. . . Just need to get back to that part of the world.

Jamie - Appreciate the sentiment, but not worth the frustration. . .

Here's the mounted shot:
Wheels.1 (MAR 20).jpg

Little rub on full lock, will probably lose the mud flaps. . . But really like the way these turned out. . .