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Pay Pal loop hole/scam!!


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May 7, 2002
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Some may know this already about Pay Pal but Pay Pal will only offer Seller protection if you actually ship the item. A good friend just got scammed even though the transaction went through Pay Pal. If a buyer comes to you and picks up the item no protection is offered. After several e-mails and a deposit in to Pay Pal the buyer called my friend and said he was in the area and would just come by and pick up the merchandise. Bye bye laptop and then bye bye Pay Pal deposit. Then when my friend called Pay Pal about the funds not showing up, he got the wonderful news about their policy.

This info is in the User Agreement-
"The seller ships to the address listed on the Transaction Details page. If a transaction is listed as “Seller Protection Policy Eligible” on the Transaction Details page (see 4.c above), sellers can ship to the address on the Transaction Details page, regardless of whether the address is “confirmed” or not. This is not the case for a seller shipping to a US buyer. When shipping to a US buyer, the seller must ensure that they ship to the Confirmed Address of the US buyer for the transaction to be “Seller Protection Policy Eligible”. However, in other instances, UK sellers may find they have transacted with buyers who do not have a Confirmed address but who are still “Seller Protection Policy Eligible”.

Confirmed Addresses. A confirmed address is not an eligibility requirement for the Seller Protection Policy. However, please note that shipping only to a confirmed address reduces the risk of fraud and should be considered if a transaction is not eligible for the Seller Protection Policy. A Confirmed Address is either the address at which the buyer receives their credit card statements, or an address of the buyer which PayPal has confirmed through an Alternate Address Confirmation. Because Confirmed Addresses must be in the account holder’s name, addresses in someone else's name can never be confirmed.

The seller provides reasonable proof of delivery from an independent shipper. The delivery must be trackable online. Proof of delivery should show that the address shipped to corresponds to the address on the Transaction Details page (see 4.d above). If a reversal occurs, you will need to provide PayPal with the name of your chosen shipping provider and the online tracking number. For your convenience, PayPal provides a list of popular and currently approved shippers.


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October 18, 2001
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it also works that way if you ship to a non-confrmed address