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PCM Replacement - Programming & Vendor Question


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September 7, 2017
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2006 Explorer 4WD 4.0L

New member here with a question on my PCM that brings me to join this worthwhile forum.

I have a 2006 Explorer 4WHD with automatic transmission and 4.0L engine that has been diagnosed with a need for replacement of the PCM. I am looking at one of the online "Remanunufacture" PCM vendors to purchase a PCM that has been programmed for my vehicle. This PCM will still need the key PATS program update to make the keys work.

The "remanufactured" PCM is really nothing more that a used direct replacement PCM with the same part numbers as mine that has been tested then programmed with my VIN (and any other necessary info) other than the PATS.

So - here are my questions:
1) with the replacement PCM programmed to my VIN/vehicle, can I do the PATS key programming using my (2) original vehicle keys with the self- programming routine found online here and other places?
2) Is there a particular vendor I should stay away from for the replacement PCM. There are a couple of bigger ones that have different options. There are several horrible negative reviews on both of them at the BBB site. I would assume the majority of the people are satisfied? They still get a good (A or better) rating from BBB, with 25-40% negative ratings logged. If this is OK to reference - I'm looking at Flagship One for a used/tested/programmed replacement PCM. These guys OK?

The other option would be send mine off for a repair which would take up to 2 weeks total if no issues.

What are your educated thoughts on these 2 questions - I'm running out of patience with fighting this.


Jim in Houston