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PCV for 2001 Sport trac


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April 23, 2010
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2005 Sport trac 4 X
I am new to the site and was wondering if anyone could tell me the location of the PCV valve on my 2001 Sport trac 4x4. I have looked it up in a generic ford manual and it does not seem to be where it says it is. I also went out and bought a new valve (FV375) from Kragens. My own manual says it is a EV243.
Thanks for the help, Dave :(

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Welcome to the site! Is your '01 a Job 1 or a Job 2, they're different.The Job 1 / Job 2 crossover date = June 24th, 2000.

My date is 8/00 so it must be a Job 2. did not know that until a few minutes ago when I looked it up after reading some of the threads on this site. I love the site, glad I joined in.
Do you know where the PCV valve is? Thanks

On the back of the drivers side valve cover against the fire wall. You are going to want to get one from ford due to the coolant line that comes already attached as opposed to auto part stores do not. Here is a awesome write up on how to change it.


Then Click Projects on the left and then click maitenence. You have to skroll down a bit and it is there in PDF. I just did mine today and was fairly easy to do :)

Thank you for site, I went on it and it is very detailed on how to do it with pictures and all. Awesome.
Now I need to find out how to check for a vacuum leak on the vehicle.

I carefully used carb cleaner or starter fluid. If it idles up then you know you have a leak at that spot. Just be extremely cautious do to the flammability of the spray

Why do you think there's a vacuum leak? Is it throwing a code? If it is and it's P0171 and/or P0174 then the likely cause is a cracked elbow on the line to the PCV valve. It cracks in the elbow at the front of the engine, on the bottom of the elbow.


Here's the complete new line.(KCV190 Motorcraft)

I did get a code P0113 a couple of weeks ago. I get P0303 once in a while also.
The vehicle idles rough at stop signs. Several times it misses going up hills with lower RPM. It seems to run fine when I am driving at speeds above 40 for the most part. I did find a small leak in one vacuum line and fixed it. I am not sure how to find out if I have anymore leaks. My gas milage is good when I drive distances on freeways. It is pretty bad if I do most of the driving around town stopping and low RPMs
I hope this makes since to you, thanks for the pictures and the information.

PCV value Hose Replacement

I found a replacement for the front hose at Advanced Auto Parts for less than Ford wanted for the whole tube as shown in the picture. Also, if you buy the Chrysler hose, you can get 2 of the hoses that we need for about half the price, but they didn't hold up well for me and needed replacement about a year later.
Good luck,