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PCV hose dripping oil. 302V8


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August 9, 2009
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Beaverton, Oregon
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1999 Montaineer
I was smelling oil yesterday when we were running errands. When we got home, I opened the hood and found oil at the driver's side rear of the engine. The oil was running down the back of the valve cover and dripping on the exhaust manifold. I am pretty certain the oil is leaking at the rear nipple of the upper intake manifold where the PCV line connects (it's kind of underneath the manifold). I could put a small hose clamp on the hose (hose assembly was recently replaced) and the leak would be solved, but, what would cause oil to end up in the PCV hose? Vehicle has 84K miles.

Any thoughts/opinions are very welcome. Thanks!

sounds like blowby translation- wear on the motor allowing oil vapor to blow past the rings coming out the pcv

I hope not blowby but certainly possible

Vehicle is a 1999, V8, and 84,000 miles. It's had great care and we bought it new. Oil changes every 3000 miles and synthetic it's whole life. 6 months ago I was replacing the intake manifold gasket and the front bolts were seized. I ended up breaking one so off came the heads. Since they were off, I had them rebuilt and new exhaust seats milled into the heads. All exhaust valves were replaced too. But while the heads were off, maybe I should have done the lower-end too. I guess if it's blowby, we'll get rid of it this time. It looks as new so it should be pretty easy sell it. Never had Kids in it so nothing worn.