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April 18, 2004
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hailey, ID
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97 awd v8 xlt
PCV/Seafoam Help

After reading the write up I am still a bit lost. I have 97 5.0 and have been able to locate my PCV behind the manifold. Replacing it is not a problem but the proper way to apply the Seafoam is. The only way that would make sense to do it, to me, is to pull the PCV out from behind the manifold and then take the valve out of the line. Once the valve is out of the line, that is where I would hook up and put the Seafoam in. After the Seafoam is in plug the PCV back in the line and then back in behind the manifold. After that sit back relax and after about 20-30mins start up the X and bring out the neighbors. And when the smoke clear replace the old PCV with a new PCV. Is this the correct way to do it?