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PCV valve on a 2002 4.0L SOHC.


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March 13, 2011
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2002 Explorer XLT 4x4
In looking over posts, I have yet to come across one that tells me that I do or do not have to remove the air intake plenum to replace the PCV valve on my 2002 Explorer 4.0 SOHC, (I suspect it is the cause of oil leak on valve cover on drivers side) to me it looks as if I will have to remove (bummer) can anyone tell me yea or nay, not that I am that lazy -- I just tend to lose screws when I work on some things!!!!! :D:rolleyes:

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Welcome to the forum! :salute:

I don't believe you have to remove anything else to get to the PCV valve:


Hope this helps out!! :biggthump

That was the source of my leak. The PCV valve twists in and locks. Mine wasn't seated in the valve cover and was blowing oil out. I reached back there and twisted it tight.

Replaced PCV valve and still running poorly

I followed this thread to finding my PCV valve... Which I wasn't aware there are four versions (Metal, plastic, plastic with coolant around it and plastic with electronic connector). My 2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0L v6 needed the plastic one, which the store said they would have to special order (O'Rileys) so I ended up purchasing the coolant one and pulled off the metal piping. The original was a pain to remove, but a pair of pliers helped twist it off. The new one twisted in place with no problem.

The truck is still having difficulty starting (Hard start) and running rough. Rough when first started (cold) and when driving for about 20 minutes. I live in Minneapolis, so 20 minute drives are common. I recently (not since PCV replacement) hooked up to computer and it gave me O2 sensor issue. I haven't replace the sensor because from reading here I started with PCV valve.

Prior to my trying to locate the PCV valve the truck was running fine, but had hard starts. I am thinking something was touched while reaching around for the PCV... I didn't remove anything while working on the PCV task.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Try cleaning the throttle body. I was having a low idle at start-up condition that cleaning the throttle body totally resolved. :) I used throttle body cleaner to spray in it and then wipe it out. Clean the edges of the plate off because it can get enough carbon build-up to keep it from closing tight, causing the cold start issue. For me, cleaning the throttle body and swapping out the pcv valve has mine back idling perfect!

Oil Dripping on Exhaust - Driver Side

That was the source of my leak. The PCV valve twists in and locks. Mine wasn't seated in the valve cover and was blowing oil out. I reached back there and twisted it tight.

I've had a problem on and off for years with my Explorer leaking oil on the exhaust driver's side. I thought that it was the head gasket. I finally had it pointed out to me that the PCV valve wasn't fitting the valve cover. A farmer fix was done with electrical tape but it has started leaking again. The PCV valve looks OK. Could it be a problem with the hole in the valve cover? It's hard to diagnose the problem since it's in a spot where I can't see the connection. Any suggestions?

i had this problem with a 03 sport trac i bought to resell (it had a bad motor to begin with). what had happen was the valve cover also had threads in it to hold the pcv in. they wore down and that is why it would not stay in place. couldnt find a valve cover anyplace so i had to wrap the valve with teflon tape and shove it back in. i did tell the person that bought it the problem, so at least if it happen again he knew where to look.

I put a small bead of RTV on the PCV and then inserted it into the back of the valve cover and no more leaking!

I did the high heat silicone thing and it seems to have solved the leaking problem. It was a messy job. Thanks Jeff :)