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PERCH/pinion angle SOA - SBL


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October 18, 2008
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'94 Eddie Bauer X
after looking at a side view pic of the X

those WAR153 shackles are hangin' too low :thumbdwn:
wanting to go with SOA - 3" sloped BL (stock shackle)
far as setting pinion angle for this
+ could perches be placed on the axle under the leaf pack then correct angle found while the weight of vehicle is upon them, mark said location, remove axle and continue with final welding?
+ weld perches 180* opposite of current spring under perches?

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those WAR153 shackles are hangin' too low :thumbdwn:
Get some larger tires first, then decide if they still hang too low.

I used as magnetic angle guage. I removed the drive shaft, placed the guage on the pinion shaft and wrote down the angle. I did the SOA and loosley bolted everything up. I then rotated the axle till the angle was the same as before. Then just tach welded the perches and removed the whole assembly and welded the perches up. Angle solved. The guage I bought on ebay for $35.

I think they look like they are hanging to low due to the body lift.

I think they look like they are hanging to low due to the body lift.

gonna go with 32"x11.50"x15" tires on a new wheel. Got the perches for SOA, chop my BL blocks for a SBL, throw the stock shackles back on...... hopefully call it good. :dunno: Wanna get my rear hitch receiver back on their