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performance acc 3 inch body lift...


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June 20, 2000
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Annapolis, Md
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1992 Xplr Sport
Ithink I've decided on the Performance accesories 3 inch body lift, Does anyone have any shunts about the kit? Best price for it, and where? I found it for around 98 or 100 or so in a mag, lower than that??? thanks guys

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I got the same kit from 4 wheel parts wholesalers. 1-800-412-1050 in the phone munber and the price was 69.95 plus shipping. Try them. I was very satisfied.


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Did you happen to install the lift? Im looking at doing it , too much for a shop, to, cant be that bad, Can it???

I just put mine on, on Wednesday/Thursday. I posted about it in the suspention, shocks, and lifts board. Not many problems, just a lot of work. It cost me $98 shipping included from ; as posted earlier, they are very good and I am very satisfied.



i got mine done around 250 bux thats the kit and the install thats on a 3" body lift. i thought that it was worth it considering that you have to pick up the carpet and stuff. and then you will have to buy a shifter extender to raise your shifter up to the proper level wont affect anything if you dont though but you will have a piece of floor showing cause they have to move the boot back some to compensate the lift. good luck and i think all the kits are pretty much the same. Later man