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Performance Accesories Body Lift Question


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May 31, 2000
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1993 XLT 4x4
As a result of my tire blowout, I am purchasing all new tires because I feel the others are unsafe as well. I figured this would be a good time to put some more meat on and a body lift. How does everyone feel about the 2" Performance Accessories Body Lift? Are the bumper relocation brackets problematic only on the 3" kit or on the 2" as well. How easy is it to put in? Time estimate?

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Thas the lift I have. The 2" body lift will come with bumper relocation brackets. HOWEVER, the brackets that come with it are the brackets for the 3" lift. To actually make it work, you will need to drill a few holes, band a few knuckles, and learn a few new curse words. I already have a pretty extended curse word vocabulary, so i didn't bother putting on the brackets. It doesn't look horrible, but I still wish that I had gotten the 3" so that it did look a little better.

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see....from a distance it doesn't look soooo bad....but from close can deffinately tell.

P.S. The left side is bent down a little....this is because i got in a shoving match with a tree. the body lift won't do this to your bumper.

So are you saying the 3 inch lift from performance accessories is no good or is? Im looking at a body lift, and that was one I looked at. I plan on getting the 3 inch lift and some 33's How are the relocation brackets on the 3 inch lift?

yeah....i wish i got the 3" cause the bumper brackets are designed for that one. you will probably need to get a small suspension lift to run the 33's though. i doubt that the body lift alone would work.

yeah.... I have the 3in body lift and it took about a day w/ me and my friend working on it. If I was you i would get a suspension because a 3inch body lift wont clear 33's so if you got a body lift your gunna have to get a suspension also to clear 33's. So might as well get like a 4inch suspension.