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December 11, 2008
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Little Rock
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2003 AWD XLT
Hey guys i have done some seraching and not really found what i'm looking for but i have an 03 Explorer with the 4.0 and looking for some good performance parts. I have found some headers but looking for maybe a programmer and some sort of F.I. Just about anything to get some more power out of this thing

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There are many people out there working on explorers but contact who you wish

start with the basic building blocks of HP/TQ gains my friend...


this combo will wake up your X a bit...

then move onto the other stuff... IMO

I second the Henson suggestion. Site sponsor and active member of the site. Provides great service and prices fairly. a LOT of EF members (myself included) has utilized him and lots of happy customers. :thumbsup:

I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade but in the end, lets say you spend what, a thousand dollars on mods but you gain maybe 10-15 hp. If thats correct, then IMO, the return just isnt really worth it (and it only depreciates the resale value of the vehicle). A thousand dollars sounds more like a plane ticket + lift tickets for a few days in Utah, or a condo with a few friends at a local resort. I'm just sayin............. :)

Yeah, rims + tires = $1500< all inclusive 10 day vacation to cancun = $1500

you can spend your money on any thing if you dont have enought money to do what you want then dont spend your money there are many ways to go

i say do what you want

get that extra 15-20 hp im sure ull be happy

if you dont have the money then dont spend it