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performance mods for a 4.0 ohv

how much horsepower would a intake and a chip ?? and which performance mods are worth buying??

2 weeks ago i tryed to do a burnout in my 91 explorer 4x4 all stock. i held in the break and pushed on the gas at the same time.. i got it up to 4000 rpms and my tires wouldnt spin.
Yesterday i took my explorer out again this time it had flowmaster 40 series muffler and 2 1/2" piping and i held the brake and gas at the same time.. and when i looked behind me there was a ton of tire smoke. so the flowmaster exhaust sure added so power im guessing anywhere for 10-15 wheel horsepower. :burnout:

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do you have a sound clip of your exhaust. I have been debating on getting exhaust. Too many people around here have flowmaster but it sounds very good. I have a friend who has magnaflow on his supercharged mustang and it sounds nice. If you could get a sound clip that would be great. But getting an intake will help with the flow since you have exhaust. KKM and someone else makes them.

how much power will a intake, chip, and exhaust add??

If you want to do some amazing burnouts, get a garden hose near the road and just soak the road right where you're going to powerbrake. It's definately worth it, trust me :D

just dump some oil on the tires that works too :D

intake from Ifab

There's an intake kit from, anyone know if it is any good?

Bleach is the only way to fly for burnouts!

I heard the Ifab intake is good, and I've upgrading intake and chip is great.

Try using the search function in the bar at the top of the screen, it works good and you'll find everything you're looking for and more! Good luck!

As well as a chip and an intake, you should also consider changing to a 66mm throttle body and 70mm MAS. Remember, if you have an aftermarket intake system you will required the throttle body calibrated for the larger intake. Besides the Ifab one, there is also one from KKM (kurtz kustomz).
Here is a post from a member who dyno'd his truck.