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May 10, 2011
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03 sport
I have an 03 Exp. sport 4x4 and it has a V6 4.0 SOHC. I am looking to put a muffler on it that gives it a nice sound. I do not want the crappy high pitch thoaty sound like the ricers have. Some thing with a nice little rumble/growl and a deep tone would be nice. I know it won't have the V8 growl/rumble/tone. I already have a K&N cold air intake on it and that gave the muffler a little more tone. I am not sure what to go with. Anyone who has the same set-up and has done a muffler to it PLEASE SUGGEST something.Post a video! Looking for people who have done this, not people who are like "Hey try this one and let me know what it sounds like!" I am not going to waste my time and money to be your guinea pig.

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Lots of information about the Dynomax Super Turbo. I have it and like it a lot. Search the forum and you'll find a wealth of info about it. IMO, it's the best I've heard on a 4.0L. It doesn't try to be something it's not (a V8) but has a rumble to it. Removing the resonator will give it that much more so I'm told, but I still have mine. Been considering removing it but it has been a priority.

I even have some videos posted, but you'll have to dig them up...sorry, I don't feel like finding them again. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions in particular.

I too run the dynomax super turbo. Its not loud but without the resonator it has a deepish tone to it. Loud on a v6 to me is terrible. With the resonator the dynomax sounds barely above stock. Now without the reso i can definitely tell I have an exhaust on there but it has a decent tone for what it is and isn't over powering. Mine is stock size piping.

I feel like that spintech is just to loud for a v6.

high pitch throaty sound like the ricers have.
BTW, that's an oxymoron. "Throaty" usually means a DEEP sound.

+3 on the Dynomax SuperTurbo. Still the lowest tone I've heard
with the 4.0L SOHC. If you want loud, it's probably not for you.

I removed my resionator when I had to replace the tailpipe where it bends just before the rear tire. Also I curved it 90deg. so it now comes out by the tail light instead of the rear. OffTrac- I looked but, found nothing. Not sure where to look on your page. The Breeze- I have a single pipe (stock diameter) not a dual pipe. sport97- I agree, that did not sound too good. swshawaii- I know, I typed that on purpose because that's how they sound at idle and takeoff....not something I want on my Exp.

Well there are many different applications, I have the single in and single out muffler and it sounds very close to the 1 in the video. The 1 in the video is just a single in, dual out which you could do if you really wanted but I didnt.

I have a Gibson, it sounds nice. Sorry no sound clips.

I went to my trusted mechanic (he's like 60 years old and still does great work!!) and he said he would take my cat out, keep the stock pipes, and put in a flowmaster (didn't specify which one). He said the price would be about 250.00 to do?? seems pricey to me, but we shall see. Should I let him take the CAT out?? any adverse effects that I should know about?? And I am curious if there are any other cheaper, but just as good options, out there...

If you take out a cat then you will throw CEL besides not being able to pass emissions. Also, don't ever let someone touch your cats. You want a straight pipe welded in place of the catalytic convertor, come to my house. Won't charge ya a dime. Flowmaster is just a brand name, seems to me like he isn't a "trustworthy" mechanic. I would find someone else if I was you, or just learn how to do everything yourself.

yeah thats what I was thinking. I thought it would be a bad idea to take it out!! grrr....

Removing the main cat is a violation of Federal law even if your state does not require emissions testing. Also you will get a CEL. That said, there is a Y-pipe from Random Technology that replaces the two small pre-cats below the exhaust manifolds with straight pipe and I am told it will not throw a code and pass emissions as long as the main cat is in place.
Cats themselves aren't very restrictive anyway. If you do need or want to replace it you can get a high-flow main cat from Magnaflow or Random Technology.

Get the pipe from either Random Tech directly or from

you could always do the free thing and just loosen the connection from your cat to the muffler which will make it sound mean (good in theory but not recommended) or throw on some cheap cherry bombs from auto zone or a magnaflow muffler without a pipe. I chopped my pipe off right after the muffler and it sounds a lot meaner.