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Performance shops


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February 14, 2009
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Twentynine Palms, CA
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2002 Explorer XLS 5spd
I am going to get the SCT X3 tune soon any wanted to know of anywhere in So Cal to make that happen. Anyone know of any places to get my Ex tuned near joshua tree or san diego?

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If your getting your tuner from James Henson you can send him the data logging results via email and he can fine tune the custom tunes he wrote for your rig. Tweak them to deliver what you want.

Ive already talked to James. I used to live 20 min away from him. I am just trying to find a shop with a dyno so I can run some RWHP/TQ numbers to work off of cause I am doing headers then a M90 kit after that.

O.k. Cool. Sorry I can't help with the shop but can't wait to see M90 and headers.:thumbsup:

It might be some time for the M90. Around 6 months or longer.

How ya getting around the CARB crap? I am sure there isnt a CARB approved S/C for the explorers.

aftermarket performance parts have to be approved by the California Air Recourse Board (CARB) for use in specific vehicles. The part has to be labeled with a CARB E/O number. If you put something on your car that isn't approved then you fail even if you meet emissions standards.

I am temporarily stationed here and my vehicle is registered in Alabama so hopefully I dont have to deal with that nonsense.

Thanks bro.