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Performance Upgrades - 96' 5.0 V8


March 8, 1999
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Denver, CO
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'96 EB
I have a 96' Eddie Bauer with the v8. I was wondering, besides supercharging, what are some bang for your buck mods to do to the v8? Anyone who has used a product and found good results, please tell me 'bout it!

Thanks, also if anyone has an exhaust or performance parts for sale, I am interested. Can also trade audio equiptment!

Thanks in advance,

96' Eddie Bauer v8/awd

My Borla cat-back seemed to help my ability to tow over the stock unit. I have also supercharged with a Powerdyne unit, which really helped at altitude. But, if I had it to do over again, the first thing I would invest in is a set of headers. The only ones I have found so far are the Motorsport M-9430-E50 or E51. They are pricy ($350 or more) but have to be light years better than the stock units. Maybe if Santa is real good to me this year, or the tax man does not take as much as usual, then sometime next year I can try them.
Good luck,

I have the Magnaflow 15421 muffler (dual 2.5" in, single 3" out) on my 97 V8 EB, with a custom 3" tailpipe. Made a BIG improvement in acceleration, sounds great, and MPG went up by about 1-2. The 15421 bolts right up to the cat flange and has factory hangars on it. $147.00 included shipping, local custom exhaust shop charged $65.00 for the 3" tailpipe out in the stock location!
You can hear it at:

The air induction on the Explorers is a definite bottleneck. K&N as well as KKM both sell a high-flow replacement induction. Price, about $150-$200.00. You can also drill holes in the factory airbox and use a K&N drop-in filter or stay with the stock filter. Holes - free K&N drop-in... $45??

Exhaust changes are the next area to look at. Going up a quarter inch on exhaust size and headers seem to be a very popular mod. However, unless you've got a welder and a free weekend, I'd let the pros handle both of these mods, which adds to cost.

Racer Walsh and Summit have lots of goodies for the Explorer. You can get underdrive pulleys, cams, heads, etc. Check out both companies in the "links" section of this, or other message boards.

Lastly, a Superchip is a good investment, in my opinion. However, I'd make all of the changes you plan to make prior to getting the chip. Then have the chip programmed to match your vehicle. The chip generally should be the last thing you add.

Just my 2 cents.

Have A Good One!
Chris Scott