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persistant Coolant leak


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February 19, 2007
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93 XLT
I'm sure there are a lot of threads about coolant leaks, but I after looking back over a few I didn't really get my answer, so here's the question:

Bought my 93 xlt about a year ago. About a month or so in I noticed a little dripping of coolant... fast forward a year and I have to refill my reservoir just about everyday before I head out. When I haven't driven in a while, the reservoir level is about the same, but as soon as I take it out and it heats up it starts the steady drip drip. Where the leak shows up seems to be from underneath the engine (duh right), but the middle towards the front. Does it sound like I'll need a completely new radiator or...?

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If you have an Autozone nearby, they offer a cooling system pressure tester in their loan-a-tool program. With that, you can pressure up the cooling system cold, wait an hour (if needed, keeping it pressurized) until the colant starts to drip off the cold engine. Then you can poke, prod, and look until you find where the coolant is coming from.

most likly the rad...look where theplastic bucket meets the aluminum and its probly that gasket.

try a new rad cap did u cheak the water pump ?? grab it an move it side to side up an down with engine off of course if u can see any movement it is bad or ur fan clutch their is also a weep hole up behind the pulley an maybe ur drip is coming from their

i had a similar leak and i took me a while to find out where it was from....check the heater hoses coming out of the water pump, the way i found mine, and probably the easiest way to do it is let the truck warm up and presurize the system and open the hood, your probably going to see some steam...follow it and theres a good chance you'll find the leak

Thanks guys, I'm going to take your suggestions and see if I can't get to the bottom of this problem.