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[photo diary] My 1994 explorer


0506012133.jpg by Justinsdiy, on Flickr

oh and i do not have the update manual..

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They are pretty identical to me... the symptoms i was having was reverse was "chugging" and drive was slipping. The biggest thing i found wrong was the solenoids were hooked up wrong. could that have caused that?

Well for a pleasant update :D i bought my tcc solenoid! got it from bulk part.com there was one on ebay for 9$ but i didnt want to wait for the auction to end... i bought some more decals 3 to be exact.. and i bought that new 808 HD spy camera disguised as a car remote (we will see how well it works) but anyways Being as i need new bumper mounts i decided to relocate my tag's so i can drive my truck... heres where i mounted it.. i put the wiper arm back on but not in the way of the tag.

0508011446.jpg by Justinsdiy, on Flickr

Till i get something else done!

BIG update

My tcc lockup solenoid came! i tested it and it works! my old one would just humm this one clicks! which is awesome! also i realized i had the wires backwards... hopefully it will all be fixed im trying to think of anything to check before i re install it... any ideas?


0512011312.jpg by Justinsdiy, on Flickr


0512011317.jpg by Justinsdiy, on Flickr


0512011321.jpg by Justinsdiy, on Flickr

Much respect to you young man. I've been turning wrenches since I was 17 (now 31) and there are just some jobs I refuse to do, tearing apart a trans is at the top of the list.

You are definitely making good use of your free time. Keep up the good work.

thanks man

Well for an update... WE GOT ANOTHER EXPLORER! but besides that my truck has blown head gaskets, and the trans slips but wasnt as bad as it was.

Goodluck with the rebuild. Pics of the new Ex? :) It's ok to own a couple btw :D

Thanks guys the new one is a 2002, silver with a sunroof. anyways that makes it so i can turn dexter (green one) into a toy! i just bought a welder too. so when i swap a 5 speed in and get the heads done this thing will be sweeet

Ya know between you and the rest I see one day I am going to have to let my 93 sit some and get a newer one. I do like the looks of your new one and making the old one a toy well that really is what I want to end up doing some day also.
nice looking Explorer ya got so when you adding another one as once you get past owning one it never stops as now there are part trucks and off road toys then street queens and on and one LOL

yeah I agree, the old explorer needs so much work... I need to find a m50d but all the ones around here are like 500$

gas mileage is decent too :D

I have a hunch... i dont think my head gaskets are blown,... Its leaking coolant.. BUT there are some other things that could be causing the extreme loss of power.. For one there is no gasket on the egr.. and there is a vacuum leak.. I need to put more gas in it then we will figure it out.

not much to update. i can drive it around And i made new bumper mounts and put the bumper back on. Im pretty sure the valve body that i bought off of ebay is incompatible with my trans. Im just going to put an m50d in when i can afford it. Im not gonna shell out 100$ just to get a refurbished one and have it might still not work. and besides the 4.0 would just break it again. Maybe if i found a wrecked v8 2nd gen id do a v8 swap, but then again whatever i get.

Not sure if you're near Charlotte or not, but Foxracin swapped his auto for 5 speed. He pulled it from the pull-a-part in Charlotte got everything he needed for I "THINK" less than a $100. Don't quote me on the price... but it was what I call "dirt cheap". You should look up his swap since you're considering the swap yourself, it's a very good read.

If you're not near Charlotte the next closest one is Winston-Salem. I went to the W-S one before I left NC.

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Bit of an update.

Not too much to report on the ol' green machine besides Doing some body work as in welding the Roof rack holes, And shaving the tail gate, and doing the t handle flip.
I wanted to not have to use any door poppers just yet, so i made my own latch mechanism to open the rear window by using the key lock. It works pretty good. here is a vid of it:

later if i want to shave the key lock i can do so, and just use a door popper.