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photo shopped flex wheel on my ST - opinions ?

68 GT

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May 1, 2010
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my roof rack is currently removed but I think I like it better on with these wheels? The bolt pattern it the same but the hub bore is smaller on the Flex rims si it will need 1/2in spacers to work. I like the 19in size still keeps some sidewall which I like for truck tires. I may go have some test fitted today :D Of course the Flex wheels have the beautiful clear coated polished finish that looks great.

actrually I did these in MS Paint lol

with the roof rack

no roof rack


assuming the overall tire diameter is the same from the 18's to the 19's I'd say this is pretty close to how the 19's would look.



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wow! nice.. I like it! I like the 19's better on it and it looks sleeker without the luggage rack. What did you do about the holes where the luggage rack was mounted? Are you worried it may leak?

I put some plastic caps in the holes with a dab of RTV in them.

I like a factory look so I'm thinking if I did these wheels I would put the roof rack back on ???

I say leave the luggage rack off if you're not gonnna use it.. it looks better. Also, did you know they make plates to fill the holes where those bed tie down hooks are? That would look even better. Especially if you got them painted to match the paint. I want to have my luggage rack removed, take the tie down hooks off, lower it about an inch & a half, change the blue ovals to black ovals, and maybe even add clear tail light lenses. I would love to add a cold air intake but no one makes one for the V-6.

OH.. Also, I would like to see a close up picture where the luggage rack holes were!

yeah I want to make some cargo hook delete plates and paint them to match. That's on my list of things to do with the truck.

I can get a pic of the holes for you. I want to tint my tail lights, get a LED third brake light and get the smoked headlights. I bet you can make a cold air intake from a K&N universal kit if there is not one offered. From what I've read you will get equal to better results modifying your stock intake with a K&N drop in filter, and save a chunk if money. I'm going to look into doing that myself.

The K&N 77 series (for Explorer) will bolt up on your V8 ST.

How do I post pics on here?

Those wheels look awesome.

They do make plates to go in those the bed tie down holes. is where I found mine. NOTE: They are the same size as the F150 plates that are on the site. Here is a picture of what mine looks like with the plates installed in the billet finish they come in. I would check out cardomain if you haven't already and get more ideas on what you can do with your trac.

Those wheels look awesome.


I just had one test fitted and these rims fit with a 1/2in spacer to clear the slightly larger center bore of the sport trac. Only issue is the offset it pretty tucked. I hoped they would sit closer to the edge. The guy suggested I could get some case iron adapter / spacers that are 1.25in. He said the aluminum one will crack eventually, but the cast iron ones are good.

Anyone use case iron spacers, or have expierence with spacers at all ?

OH.. Also, I would like to see a close up picture where the luggage rack holes were!
here ya go and this is they type of plastic plug I used but smaller ones.


68 GT that's BS I had 1.25 inch aluminum spacers on my 03 cobra with no problems they are completely safe and durable. You can get them on ebay for around 60 bucks. Who ever told you that does not know what there talking about. Here is what I am talking about

68GT.. are you not worried about them leaking?

Blackhell05.. is that the only color that the plates come in? Can you not paint them to match the truck? I think it would look better if they were black.

OK I found one of the very few machine shops in the US that will make me a steel hubcentric wheel adapter / 1.5in spacer to make the Flex wheels work. The shop just happens to be about 30 miles from me :) The steel adapters are $275 plus $100 to make them hubcentric and adapt to the different wheel bore sizes. The guy also offered to machine out the Flex wheel bore (67.1) a little larger to fit the explorer (70.5) hub for just $100 instead to make the wheels mount up, but the wheels were tucked too much for me when I test fitted them so I figured I would just go with the spacer / adapter for a better look plus with the adapters if I ever mess up a Flex rim I can just throw another on with out having to be modified.

What do you guys think ? Steel, hubcentric, spacer / adapters sound OK ? 1-1/4 may be ok thickness I'll have to look again.

Anyway I should be able to pull this all off with a new-used set of Flex rims with new tires pretty cheap. I'm looking at two sets with tires one for $500 and another for $900 and I got an offer for $300 for my stock stuff. So I should be able to pull this off for $600-$1,000 out of pocket with clean (new/used) rims and new tires :)

seems like a lot of trouble but I like the idea of 19's I may even go with a 235/55 R 19 for more sidewall instead of the 255/45 R 19's. Plus these rims look like they could have come on the Sport Trac and I like a modified stock look for a good price.

I posted above if you want to spend 375.00 vs. 120.00 knock yourself out.

I don't like the idea of saving a few bucks on spacers that are not hubcentric on my truck. And the only way to adapt the different center bores is to have some made. I've had insane power Mustangs and a NOS fed 03 Cobra too but this truck totes me, my wife and my kids around so being steel is a nice bonus for these spacers.

What kind of rims are those?

those are the stock Adrenalin wheels. They also come on some Limited Explorers too. Hard to find and pretty expensive if you do. Ebay has a few but I had better luck searching google for 20 X 8 Explorer rims. I found some companies selling them for $260 per rim.

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I would never recommend something that was not safe these are hubcentric and fit the explorer. I ran these on a cobra with 500 RWHP I think our little 300 hp trucks will no hurt them. Again do what you like it's not my money here is another link