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photoshop help/ anyones opinioin on 18" wheels

i was wondering if anyone could do a little quick photoshop job putting these rims on my x, i would really appreciate it, i think i am going to be getting them in the near future. so tell me what you guys think, good, bad, or indifferant. thanks they are 18x9 with a +24mm offset





again photoshop would be nice, but those arn't the actual wheels i am looking at. this is the actual site i am buying it from, it has a hyper silver painted finish, tell me what you think.

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you literally did that in a matter of SECONDS! i am very impressed! is that really proportional? it looks bigger than 18in seing as how stock was 16 in. idk i could be crazy, thank you though very much, i apreciate it!

you can't really tell in this photo because my driveway is slanted, but my back sags just TINY bit already, and it annoys the CRAP outta me, i could handle the front sagging a bit just cause of the whole rake thing, i was wondering how involved it would be to lower it, i havn't looked at prices or anything, i know it has twin A arms with a torsion spring up front (i am sure you knew that) and just leaf spring in the back (i can't remember if i saw a ladder bar or something like that in the back) anyways who would yall suggest as far as companies, and i would only want a couple of inches max.

will that screw with the spring rate?

never mind i'll search it and find out all about it. THANKS

Tint the front windows

i heard aftermarket tinting turns purple after a while... not into that

i heard aftermarket tinting turns purple after a while... not into that

I won't if you avoid ammonia cleaners(Windex)
Use vinegar and water--