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Photoshop Tutorial: Layers


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January 28, 2000
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1991 Eddie
I didn't spend much time on this so the quality isn't there. This is just to show the layer orders.

It's showing the layers window with the way they are set up showing the order they need to be.

RockRanger and Stic-o looking at the truck when there are two hot chicks right there. It's ok though, they're married or soon to be married. :D

  1. Hottie Middle (black and white suit) is the top layer so she is in front of everything/everyone else.
  2. RockRanger is next. Notice he's behind Hottie middle's arm.
  3. Hottie on the right is next which is infront of Stic-o and the truck.
  4. I put Stic-o behind the truck so I just copy and pasted a little bit of the truck to put infront of him.
    I could have just erased some of Stic-o, so you can choose which way you want to do that.
  5. Then there is the truck.

Post up any questions you may have. :thumbsup: