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Photoshop Tutorial: Lowering vehicle and editing wheels


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January 28, 2000
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1991 Eddie
There are a few ways to do this but here is the easiest way. It's a lot easier than people might think.

Step 1.

Select the Quick Mask Edit Mode.


Step 2.

Select the brush tool, and make sure the foreground color is Black.


Step 3.

Fill in the lower area with the paint brush. The quick mask mode will show red as you are doing it.


Step 4.

Get out of quick mask mode and back into standard edit mode.


You should now have the "marching ants" around the part you didn't fill in.

Step 5.

With this selection, copy and paste, which will give you a new layer with that on it. I named it "body."


Step 6.

Now just move the "body" layer up or down where you want it. If you lower it like I did, you will see the original picture showing at the top. Just crop the image so it doesn't show anymore.


That's it for lowering. I will do a lifting one later, there are a couple more steps after Step 6. for that.

On to adding or editing the wheels. I am going to use the existing wheels for this one. If you want to add different wheels, google them, paste them on your pic, and then follow these steps.

Step 1.

Grab the Elliptical Marquee Tool, and select the wheel. I'm only showing the front, so just repeat this for the rear.



Step 2.

Copy and paste this selection from the original background layer. Press Control+T (PC) or Command+T (MAC) or in the Mennu Bar at the top, go to: Edit>Transform and make the wheels as big as you want. I made mine cover the writing on the tires.


Step 3.

There may be a little fine tuning needed, like the wheel wells fill wit black or adding shadows. Crop the image if you want/need to so it looks right, and kapoow!!


Post up any questions you may have. :thumbsup: