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PIAA 1000XTs in OEM fog location on 2000 XLT... Questions...

I would like to mount the PIAA 1000XT lamps in the OEM fog-light locations on my 2000 XLT 4.0L SOHC 4WD.

I have measured the fog-light opening in the front bumper and compared it to measurements on PIAA's website for the 1000XT. It appears that the lens of the 1000XT will be able to shine out properly through the OEM fog-light opening. However, there are two questions that I need answered:

1) Can the 1000XTs be mounted in the OEM fog-light location? I am concerned about the exact locations and placing of the screws for the OEM fog-lights in comparison to where they are on the 1000XTs.
2) Will I be able to use the OEM fog-light switch to control the PIAA 1000XTs, once installed? I sincerely hope so.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions, comments or questions.



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You can mount them but they will probably require some sort of brackets made in the bumper to get them to stay in place correctly.. You can just wire in the lights into the switch.