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PIAA Group Purchase Pricing

ok, as many of you know i've been working on putting together a PIAA group purchase to hopefully lower the price a bit so everyone can get what they want for below retail. These prices may seem a bit high, but compare them to other retailers and they are quite significantly different. I advise you to shop around, and if you find a better price let me know and I'll try to work a deal through them... I shopped around to several lighting stores as well as wholesalers and these are about what I can do for pricing on such a large order. Keep in mind this is indeed a group purchase so I will not be profiting from the sale (except a small portion which is going to explorer4x4.com). On top of this you will have to pay shipping, which will be anywhere from about $3 for a set of bulb's to about $9 for the 80 Racing Series. And don't worry, these lights will be packaged well.
If anyone also wants some explorer4x4.com t-shirts (found here: Dead Link Removed) and you can save on shipping!

Lights that will fit in stock locations
These lights are guaranteed to fit in the stock fog light location, many other models will but may require some trimming.
95-current explorers
1500, 1400 under bumper on each side of license plate without bracket, drill holes and use stock fasteners (excludes limiteds)
In the standard airdam (w/o foglight) : 940, 960, 910, 959 -cutting holes in dam required (template included)
95-current Explorers (Limited)
980, 1500 under bumper on each side of license plate
91-94 Explorers
980, 1500 under bumper on each side of license plate

Dead Link Removed - $60
Dead Link Removed - $60
Dead Link Removed - $25 for the pair if you're ordering the H3's to replace your fog light bulbs because that's what your manual says, please look at the bulb itself before ordering... it's been discovered that many truly are not H3's.
Dead Link Removed- $57.75
Dead Link Removed- $57.75

on the bulbs, if you purchase 2 or more sets they will be $2 off each set. Not much of a discount but hopefully some

Lamp kits

Dead Link Removed- $220
Dead Link Removed
The 80 XT's are the big dawgs, I've got 4 sets of them myself. They are also fairly expensive, but there the brightest they make aside from H.I.D. (the driving version is 385,000 candlepower, wowee!). They are approximately 7" wide. They are a little less then 3" deep, come with white covers (see pics of my Explorer to see what I mean). A few of the people on the board that have these are myself, Ray Lobato, and Rick.

Dead Link Removed - $330 for the whole kit (two lamps, wiring harness).
Dead Link Removed
The 80 Racing Series are there biggest light, these bad boys are nearly 9 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 5 1/2" deep. They are dual-mode so they have a low-beam and a hi-beam. These don't come as a kit, you have to get two lamps and one wiring harness (as gofast pointed out earlier). For wiring harness you can either get the 22050 which will work fine or the 22150 which is designed for a higher wattage, so you could hypothetically upgrade the bulbs later if you wanted to (though I don't know why). These lamps also come with the covers. They come in driving only. I've got these on my Explorer, there big :). The $330 includes everything the kit would include (two lamps w/covers and one wiring harness)

Dead Link Removed - $180.
Dead Link Removed
The 520 series, as well as the 80 XT's are one of the more popular lights. They are a standard 6 3/8" wide, 6 1/8" tall, and 2 3/8" deep. They come with the grill-style cover. These come in fog or driving, and soon to be in MSR (see piaa.com for more info). You can get them in either chrome or black (chrome is more expensive of course). These are 85 watts and aren't as powerful as the 80 XT's, but they are cheaper. Some of the people on the board that have these are myself, Ray Lobato, Gerald Jarrett, and numerous others.

Dead Link Removed- $170.
Dead Link Removed
The 1500 series will fit many Explorers in their stock locations. They are a thin rectangular light and come in fog or driving. They are 2 1/4" tall and 6" wide, and 2 5/8" deep. I have these mounted in my back bumper and they make a great spread. These one's do not include light covers because if you mount them in the stock location you won't be able to use the PIAA covers. The covers are quite inexpensive though if purchased seperately.

Dead Link Removed- $155.
Dead Link Removed
The 1400's are small and compact and give a great spread of light. There what Rick's using as his reverse lights. The mount about anywhere and look slick! They come in fog or driving, and hte driving version comes in black or platinum. They are 2 1/8" tall, 3 1/4" wide, and 3" deep.

Dead Link Removed- $220.
Dead Link Removed
The 959's are the same dimensions as the 910's, but come in a fog light version. The 959's are SAE approved, which doesn't make them street legal, but SAE approved :).

Dead Link Removed- $230.
Dead Link Removed
The 910 series will fit many of the Explorers with the round fog lights as well as those with rectangular lights with some slight cutting, you have to specify whether you will be mounting these hanging down or standing up as they are designed slightly differently for ventilation purposes. They are 4" tall, 4 3/4" wide, and 5" deep. They come in ion crystal driving and clear driving. I had them in my 98 F-150 and I was quite impressed, plus you can mount em about anywhere!

If you want a light that is a dual-mode light (fog and driving in the same lamp) you can choose from the 940's, 960's, 980's and the 90 XT's. THe 90 XT's are the big dawgs, these are the best light (aside from H.I.D.) that PIAA offers (also the most expensive). The 980's will also fit in the stock Explorer location, and the 940's and 960's may with some minor trimming.
Dead Link Removed- $185
Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed- $235
Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed- $290
Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed - $120/set.
Dead Link Removed
These are not as expensive as the 520's, but not as good either. They are about the same size, but a bit narrower, and clear instead of amber. They are the basic light, no huge frills, but still better then many of it's competitors.

Dead Link Removed - $100/set.
Dead Link Removed
They run 55 watts which can be upgraded to the 85 watt bulbs with no problem.

If you are interested, please email Matt Adams at [email protected], or by phone at 303-437-1275. Once i know what lights you want I can get you a shipping price figured up and get the process started!

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing several of lights, we can probably work out a discount.

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Thanks for the quick reply. If the group purchase does happen I'll go ahead and get a set of 980s. I'm still not sure about mounting a set of $300 lights that close to the ground on a rig that does see off road some but I guess if I do anything real rough I could take them off. I measured my stock fogs and they are a little less than 6" wide. Will I have to trim any or will the 1/4" on each side of the light make any difference? Thanks.