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PIAA headlights?

ok i have read that the PIAA replacement headlights are really good, but are they worth the 60 dollar price tag? what is the wattage on them, i would prefer to have like 85/100 watt lights(i have that wattage now but because they are blue they dont light up worth anything). do the PIAA's have a blue tint, because if you ask me any kind of tint on the bulbs really reduces the lighting power, im just really fed with havin these dim a$$ blue bulbs and i watn somethin that lights up really bright but i want my moneys worth.

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Look Dead Link Removed for info on the PIAA bulbs. The PIAA's ,IMO, are worth the money. They don't have a tint; they give off a whiter light than the stock bulbs. I've been happy with mine. If you really want to light up the night a set of auxillary lights is the way to go, however.

hey taco, the PIAA's are superwhites, and use the stock wattage to produce the output of a higher wattage light (hence the "45/65w=85/110w" for the 9004's, and the "55/60w=110/110" for the 9007's. Do a search for PIAA 9007 and see what other people have said about them, I don't think you'll be disappointed. And no, they don't have a blue tint. The lens has a very minor blue coating on it, but when the lights are on the look purely white, no blue tint at all.

are there any 85/100 watt bulbs available? it would be cool to have 85/100=100/130

no, and I wouldn't recommend it either. THey make a superwhite 85 watt light, but the headlights are a fixed wattage for a reason... go with a higher wattage, you start frying wiring, switches, and everything in between. You want to avoid making drastic wattage changes without upgrading wires, fuses, and relays in the process.

ive got the piaa 9004 platinums and they are brighter than my 100 watt driving lights in my grill

taco, if you buy these lights, you will absolutely not be disappointed! i have had mine for about three weeks now, and love them. the output is so much brighter than i had hoped for. my only problem now is that my factory fogs look yellowish in comparison. i hope that piaa decides to make an 899 superwhite one of these days.

130/110 watts :)

Hey guys,

I recently replaced my stock head light bulbs with superwhite 9007s made by Hiper Industries. I am very pleased with the new bulbs, because they really are brighter than the old ones. They run at 12V 85/80w and have 130/100w output. I was told that these bulbs were made not to burn out wires, harnesses..etc. They look really nice. I will post pics soon.


well, i think im just gonna put my halo's back in casue im tryin to save up for a new paint job and body work, but hey i just might get the urge to buy somethin and have to get the piaa's, thanks for the help guys