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(pics) another serious exploration: cascade falls (near the rubicon trail)


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March 23, 2011
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Bay Area CA
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03 sport trac XLT
i was out in the lake tahoe area once again exploring and found a great hiking trail that takes you to a 200 ft waterfall called cascade falls. this place has one of the best views of the sierra mountains hands down, and the hike is easy enough for anyone including children, just make sure they dont get too close to the shear cliffs. hope you guys dig the pics.

once the trail breaks from the tree line, this is the first view you get. in the foreground is cascade lake and in the background is lake tahoe.


enjoying the thin air!

this was the fall

enjoying the view while sitting on the edge of a very tall cliff


more of the trail



before the summer ends, ill get to the barney riley trail, hollister hills again, the mojave desert and hopefully some of the rubicon and take some pics to post on the forum. whenever im bored at work i love cruising the pictures other members around the country (and other countries too) post. there are so many different places to visit you cant get to them all, and i hope some of my pictures give other members an idea of what california looks like. hope you guys dig it.

If I'm not mistaken, you can see the falls from Emerald Bay. When I was in grade school I hiked out to Eagle Lake and still remember how beautiful the whole area is.

Everyone sees Emerald Bay, but there is so much hidden on the other side. Great pictures!

yeah, i think you can see them from emerald bay. i never get tired of the whole tahoe area. i always find new stuff that ive never seen before and everywhere you look the atmosphere is beautiful.