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Pics of Custom box and DVD player.

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April 22, 2002
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Well it is finally done. It took the better part of two days. (with limited space and tools.) But i finally got done building my custom fit subwoofer box for the rear cargo bay area of my car. The coolest thing is that this was my first time ever even attempting building a speaker box. I think it went REALLY WELL for my first time, let alone even if i had payed for someone to do it. Of course also my job kind of goes hand in hand with woodworking. By the way it sounds sweet too. The only reason why i took the time to build the box was that i wanted something to do and the custom box i had wasnt really to my liking, plus also since my parts havent came in yet i couldnt work on my engine yet, otherwise that would have taken priority over this. I was going to do it in tan but then i thought i didnt want to be redundant so i decided black to kind of set things off. Besides, the color theme of my whole car is black, maroon, chrome, and tan. Now i want to get a few 10's. Another cool thing is that now i can really feel the movies i watch when explosions or something happpens. I think i have rambled enough for one day. Well tell me what you think.


  • my box pics 011.jpg
    my box pics 011.jpg
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Well the above was yesterday night when i just started it. the next one here is when it took shape.


  • my box pics 015.jpg
    my box pics 015.jpg
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Here it is with the exterior carpet on and everything installed into it. If you notice the five 1" holes above the sub and wonder why they are there, it is because i ordered a bass responsive 15" neon to go in there (kind of get a show look). That comes in this next thursday. so once i get that then i can install that real quick too.


  • my box pics 019.jpg
    my box pics 019.jpg
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Here it is installed and vaccumed all the sawdust off and stuff.


  • my box pics 020.jpg
    my box pics 020.jpg
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Well did any of you notice the Emergence Roadside bag? All that is in there is car cleaning suppies. lol. Well here is the last pic of it. Tell me what you all think. Think anything else is needed?


  • my box pics 023.jpg
    my box pics 023.jpg
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thats sweet....i wish i would have designed my box over the wheelwells like that....*kicks self in ass*

thats killer sweet though keep up the awesome work!

Looks good. I like it a lot better than the boxes with just a flat top, your's has more character.

Looks nice, I also like the angles for the top

I am going to paint the little 1" ports black inside though. I think that would make it look a little better. And once that little neon goes in there it willlook alot better too. I am not a real big fan of neons but for what i am using this one for i think it will look pretty good. Thanks for the good compliments guys. And man was that a wight fit with the ampabove the actual speaker box RIGHTbelow. The amp is actually attched to the lower box, that is how tight the fit was. But i wanted it to be tight. As all guys prefer i assume. lol. One thing i noticed was that a buddy of mine i got my old custom box from made his look pretty decent but never really went all the way to make it look fully right. So i decided to take the extra time and angle the edges down that way they were a little below the line of the window ledge plastic right there. And like some of you said it also gives it more structure. If anyone would like the design for it i am sure i could scan the plans i made up for it. Thanks.

Are the two sides just empty space? If they are, why not put a hole in each of those in rear of the box, then you can fold the seats down to gain access to them and have extra storage. Just an idea.

The box looks great!! Nice work!


Yeah they are empty. But i have plans (10" subs) for those spots in the future. Kind of like room to make adjustments. I do notice that there is alot of area that is kind of bland on the face of the box but it still looks nice for the time being and once the 10's go in then it will liven up quite a bit. Good idea though. I actually thought about that same thing last night. I could tape my assault rifle in there all hidden and such. HEHE BEWARE CARJACKERS!!! Nah j/k. I think the carjackers would have enough of a problem on their hands even without my assault rifle being in there with me. lol.

If anyone would like the design for it i am sure i could scan the plans i made up for it.
If it is not too much trouble can you put the plans up for it?

thats a 15inch sub you have in there now right?
I've read many articles about mixing sub sizes. I think if you do this they will somewhat cancel eachother out. Not sure of the physics behind it but i tihnk its the 15 will move more air and disrupt the air that the 10's move..or something...i just know i've read a few articles not reccommending mixing sub sizes

Here are my box plans. I dont have a scanner so i just took pictures of them with my digital camera. I redrew these for you all by the way so you can get a better idea of what the design looks like. This only takes not even one sheet of 5/8" dense particle board. I also to make things cleaner and stronger got a #8 pilot hole dril bit so as to make the screws all go in clean and strong. I used 1 5/8" exterior deck screws. For an excuse i also bought myself a Jigsaw for the curves. For the adhesive for the exterior fabric to the wood i used that 3M Super 77 spray adhesive. And also a utility knife would be pretty handy too. There were a few other things i used for this project but i just wanted to mention a few more special things i used, the most important being the pilot hole bit. In my eyes for building a good looking and strong custom box it is a must to use this little piece of equipment. Well take it easy and if i do ever get access to a scanner i will scan my plans into that. but for now i hope this can suffice to be able to be used by any of you if you everplan on using these. Cya. Rob


  • my box plans 001.jpg
    my box plans 001.jpg
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Here is page 2 of my drawings.


  • my box plans 002.jpg
    my box plans 002.jpg
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Hey Eliteconcept. I have heard this too. But i am thinking it is more of a SPL thing versus a SQL thing. My thinking is that though the 15 may cancel any bass that is simlar to it the 15 cannot cancel the 10's quicker and more responsive hit, because since the 10 is smaller and has quicker reaction time then it can hit and go by the time the 15 has time to react. Meaning that i am thinking that though it may not be alot louder by putting a few 10's in there it may clean the sound up a little bit. And though it is pretty clean now i want it a little better for movie viewing purposes. Again, i am not a big cheese when it comes to audio and all but i am a pretty rational person that has a good natural grasp of how alot of things (scientific) basically work, so i am thinking that is what affect the 10's and 15 will have on each other. I wouldnt think of it as cancelling each other out, more like mixing the sound into something better altogether. Well if anyone has anymore questions then just ask.