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Pics of EE's O1+ Sport Air Dam...

Black Magic

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February 10, 2000
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Pics of EE's O1+ Sport & ST Air Dam...

John V. from just let me know that they have a few of the O1+ Sport Air Dam's complete and I have ordered one. It is on the way! :cool: But untill I get mine and get it painted and on here are some pics he sent with one on a ST painted. By the way I think it will look 1000x's better all one color or even on a different color X. I will post pics of mine as soon as it is on.

Please, if you are interisted in one of these let John know. He needs an inital order of 10 or so to have them made and get the price down for everybody.




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i like it, but the trim definately needs to be painted now. i think it'll look great on your's. :)

Yea, I can't wait to have it in Black and on the front of my truck and looking all good!

Keep up the work on your bumper there your self James, Looking Good!

Yeah I think it only looks right on there if all the trim is painted one color.

That is going to complete the front end of your X. Very HOT.......

thats sweet! how much??

Gonna look sweet on Black Magic. That ST needs to lose the bug deflector.

We are trying to keep the price of this air dam around $200. Regardless of how many we sell, we still have to pay for the mold $$$. That is why we need to sell at least ten to break even.

I think there are more buyers if EE made a mold of a Roll Pan for the X. Not that he shouldn't go ahead with this one (I got you covered BM:D ) but why this one first and not a Roll Pan?

Unless, ofcourse, he's waiting for Hartman's.;)

John V. I am very interested in this, just wondering what color it comes in and how much. Also BLACK MAGIC i know you have prob been asked a million times how much painting your lowering trim costed.... but im just gonna ask to see how much that great mod would cost. You can PM me if you dont want to post it on the forum. THANKS!

Well, It won't give you a very good guage but I only paid $375 for the cladding to be painted. That was at my biddies shop and along with the work they were already doing from my fender bender.

Fender Bender? What happened Matt?

A guy cut me off and run in to the back of the stopped traffic in front of me and I had no where to go and just run in to the back on him. So there you go, it sucked. But it was nice to get my truck all fixed up.

Did you get a police report? Did you make sure no one was hurt? The same thing happened to my wife 3 years ago and just a week ago I got a summon for $4 million dollars... I don't know what you could do now since all the paper works are already done but just be on a look out for this. There's a lot of crazy people out there trying to screw people up.