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Pics of front body lift mounts


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August 1, 2008
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94 & 95 XLT's
I know there is a sticky on this, and many threads & posts. I have yet to find these pictures shown, so I thought I would add these since I just did a body lift on a 94 today.

A lot of questions I have read about are the problematic front mounts.

I soaked the mounts repeatedly with PB Blaster for a few days prior to removing.

This is how to remove these SOB's using a 24" pipe wrench with bumper off.
The puck is already in place, I posed the wrench to show where it goes. Remove the nuts next to the radiator under the hood. The outer most widest part of this is metal. Grab it with the wrench, and loosen the bolt from under neath. If it gets stubborn, douse it again and let soak for a bit. Repeat this till it comes out.


Here it is in the vise.


Drill it out with a 1/2" bit to remove the inner threads to make room for the body lift bolt.


Test it with one of the bolts and make sure it slides in/out with ease.


One last tip :D

I saved time by leaving the seats installed half way. Remove the outer bolts and loosen the inner bolts. Tilt the seat back and fold the carpet under the seat and let the weight of the seat hold it in place. Now you have a clean access to the bolts.