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pics of lifted x's with 32's

section525: before you did the BL, did the front rub alot or any?
Hey I have a 2inch TT and warrior shackles in the rear with 32s and I don't rub at all.... on stock 1998 explorer fit v8 rims...

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Please excuse the shrubbery would have been a good pic.


^^ this was about 4 years ago

3" body lift, cheap lift shackles,~1" TT
(didn't really measure from stock) 32x11.5x15 bfg ko2 on 15x8 with 3.75" backspacing.

i am debating if i should get 31 or 32's for my x. i have seen alot of pictures on here of lifted x's with 31's but not too many with 32's.

My 1996 Sport on 31-10.50X15" and I've got 10 inches at the rear pumpkin! Just as much as a YJ on 33's

I ran 32x11.50x15 Kumho M/Ts on my 95 Explorer XLT with just TT/ shackle. Just had to trim the back edge or the front fenders just a little bit. It did rub some when I compressed the front suspension. No other problems. Not even when I put an 8000# Smittybilt winch on the front.
I plan on running a set of 265/70/r17 Terra grapplers on it once I find a set of 17s. ( I already have two of them brand new.)