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Pics of my custom canvas windows!

Here are some pictures of my custom canvas windows that I had made. This is on my trail only explorer. I wanted to get rid of the glass windows in the truck so as to not worry with them busting or cracking. I started thinking about custom boat canvas. I then found someone here in Plano, TX that was willing to take on the project.
We have patterned these and will be available for order through me. This design will work for someone whom is willing to get rid of their glass windows. I have another explorer that could be used if you wanted to keep the stock window surrounds. Let me know what you guys think.





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Looks very cool. Looks like you can see through it ok, have to wait and see how the weather affects them.
I still want to see the pictures of your other explorer, did you ever post any

Nope I have not posted any finished pics of the other explorer. I dont want to until I get it closer to being completed (odds and ends) But its close.

The windows are made from the same stuff that a J%$p comes with so it should hold up fine in the weather. You just cant use windex on it.

The nice thing is I can keep the cold off during winter wheeling, and in the summer I can completely take all the windows off.

Just make sure you keep them treated with a conditioner. Something that is made for that material. So that it doesn't yellow or fog up.

Again, Awesome!

Thanks alot magic. Its just a functional mod for the truck. I had it with no windows for a little bit but I didnt want the neighborhood trees to end up in the truck. It poured on the truck here yesterday and it kept the rain out. Not that it really matters as there is no interior :eek:

looks good, brian. been quiet around here from the dfw gang.

Thanks Michael. Ive been around daily. Just have a whole heck of alot going on right now.

Also be careful when you store them, dont lay them on top of each other or roll them up without first putting a towel between the avoid those crappy scratches....

Why did you take the glass out of the doors? You could leave the door glass and roll those 4 down, but for a trail rig, who needs doors!

Looks great!
I am currently in the process of making the glass on my BII re-moveable (much easier then an Ex!!) and it sure would be nice to have some canvas side windows to put inthere place for those quick rainstorms....

Have you speed tested it yet? Oh wait thats right with those 5.13 there is no such thing!!

Looks good Brian......

I did get the truck up to about 60 mph and had no issues. .

How much was noise increased (or decreased from no windows) at those speeds?

Alec. I didnt even pay attention to that. This is a trail truck that is not insured, registered, or inspected therefore I wasnt really worried with road noise.
I have no carpet (made it loader) and run 35" muds so the noise wasnt an issue, but I am sure that it is louder.

That is a true trail rig, especially since it's not insured, registered or inspected. Looks great!!

Thanks alot Travis.

Brian, those look GREAT!!!

Are you still running a real windshield? I can't tell in the pics.

So how much would it cost to get a set made? Just curious.

Ah ha! So this is the super secret window project! Looks good:)

Thanks for all the replies.
RangerX.... How many windows would you want for your Ranger? Driver and Passenger door and the rear window? And yes I am still running the glass in the front windshield. For whatever reason the windshield doesnt shatter like the sides do.
Let me know what you have in mind and I can get a quote for you. I would have to find access to a ranger.
another option would be to pull your windows and window trim and make some cardboard cutouts of the exact fit you want. I could get them made from that and you could install them.

Very cool Brian, this way if you flip your truck, you don't have to worry about broken glass :D

I don't want a set. My truck's a daily driver. Like I said, just curious.:)

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I would say around 200.00 for the three of your widnows and thats just off the top of my head.