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Pics of my Trac from the past few months... Pic heavy (obviously)


March 18, 2015
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Evans, Ga
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2002 Sport Trac RWD
Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've posted here, and things have come quite a ways. As always if anyone has any questions about anything they see or wanna know, I'll answer ASAP.

Here's almost where I left off. Bumper cut, hella horns, lights, etc. sitting on some 30" Falken AT3w's. Lift was a TT up front, LT leafs and lowering shackles in the back.



Now the first time I tried on big tires. Keep in mind this is ~2" lift in the front and only 1" in the back. 35's actually fit, with a bit of rubbing of course. So I bought them lol.


Now I just needed more lift in the front. Suprisingly (with no wheel wells) there was no fitment issues at all in the rear with only 1" of total lift! So I bought some Doestch spindles and got installing.


So now with a little over 2" of TT and 3.5" of spindle, I of course threw on the 35's to take some pics. During the spindle install I did control arms and ball joints, so RIP to my alignment.



That was fun and all, but I had to remind myself why I do all this crap to my truck... To go off-road. So I undid the TT (man what a difference in comfort that made), put the 30's back on, and went wheeling.


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Then I put a new LED light bar on the front and did some more exploration.











And then I went to Tennessee. Not an off-roading trip like usual, just a nice weekend camping trip. And this is when both wheel bearings blew up 6 hours from home.


The bearing explosion ruined the spindles, so one expensive tow truck back to GA it was.


Even got photos from an IG follower of it on the interstate.


Once it was home, I sanded the spindles smooth again, realized I forgot the seals on the back of the rotors, and redid all the bearings. Once that was done back to having fun.





And then it was time for some new rubber. The 35's required a TT to fit, and the TT ruins ride, up, and down travel. So I decided 33"s were the best option as they fit with only the spindles and no trimming. Bought 33" BFG KM2's wrapped around some 15x8 pro comp steelies. Got a set of five.


On the way back from getting the tires, I stopped by my favorite place in the world: Southeast Overland. Seriously, this place rocks. I bought an ARB Awning and tent attachment from them and headed home. Once I got home, I installed everything because I'm impatient.




Next day comes, I gotta test it out!




Back to some more fun! If I remember I'll post some videos later of the off-road shenanigans we get ourselves into..




And now today. Transmission finally went, and the replacement really sucks lol. Putting in a built 5r55e.


More pics to come!

Sorry about the trans. Enjoy seeing the pictures. Snagged a few ideas for mine. If you decide to come to east Tenn. again let me know we could do some riding.

Hi Sean.

These are really great pictures. Looks like you are having some fun.

One thing to remember in the words of my almost famous drag race friend which I believe also applies to off roaders...

"If you don't break do you know you got the most out of it?"

Keep on having fun.

Looks like you take the Trac out wheelin a good bit and you aren't too far from me as I'm in upstate SC. This summer is crammed for me, but I'm hoping to get back out on the trails at some point this fall.

Nice truck; gonna keep watching.

I'm not far from you over here in Dublin and have family in Augusta.

Hi there!

Nice to see that somebody dares to use their ST in a rather tough mode :-). I wonder how well it holds up? I live in Sweden and do not have any references but keep reading about the old SOHC that is just bound to break and the tranny is no good either.... Now i saw that your tranny went but that could/would happen to any tranny that´s beeing abused but what about the engine itself? how many miles on it and what have been done in the past to make it stick? transfer-case, differentials, drive-shaft aso... Would it be "advisable" to try some light off-road with a street-fresh, but well used and maintained, 170K-miled truck you think? what would be the very first upgrade or even "must"?

Love you pics, good work, Per

Did you get extended brake hoses for the front when you did the spindle lift I did one a while back just never got around to getting longer brake hoses and I finally decided I need them any part number by any chance?