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Pics of painted bumper inserts and side rail inserts


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March 20, 2012
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'03 Sport Trac XLT (RWD)
I know this has been done by many. Just proud of my work and want to show it off a little. My wife and kids could care less:( not pictured-UV clear coat

Ahhhh. Much better. Its held up for over a month now. we'll see.

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Wheres the pics? Wtf... Lol

nice change to the all black paint. i did the all black on mine cause my gray ones had the "bleach streaks" where its gray here dark gray there and almost white here so i threw in the towel and rattle canned it all and reinstalled with bolts instead of the dang push pins.

nice work buddy

nice job, but unless you used bedliner or something similar, you will be painting it again in no time. trust me, i know first hand!

Thank you fellas. Man you guys stay up late!...These were black when I got the truck in '06!They were ok until I moved to hot a$$ Texas 4 yrs ago. Yeah I used duplicolor bed spray liner. I tell the kids to try not to use the step. Hahaha I know that pointless but I would like them to last as long as possible. I tried peanut butter and mothers back to black but tht just wasnt cuttin it. Good idea about the bolts. I admit I broke 1 tab and 1 was already broken. I had to melt the tabs back on to the insert and super glued the tab on to the insert as well.

Update: side step rails are still looking great! But, the rear step pads faded and cracked. The sun beats on it all day. That is the only explanation I have that the side ones are great and the rears failed. Anywho, bought new rear step pads from Tasca.

I need that hitch cover! Thank you.

Maybe try the brush on bed liner, different brand. You would think that bed liner would last being used mainly for the inside of a box. at least as far as cracking the paint goes maybe not so much on fade